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Reports and Publications - Advocating for Sustainable Development
Friday, 21 March 2014 14:27



BEWG has produced a set of training materials for communities and community-based organisations learning to advocate for sustainable development.  Please feel free to use and circulate these materials.

  • Advocating for Sustainable Development Presentation:  This presentation covers the basic facts about what the environment is, climate change and threats from unsustainable development, what sustainability is, and how communities can stand up for their rights against authorities and project developers.  Download it here.
  • Sustainable Development Training Course: This is a curriculum for a two-day course in advocating for sustainable development.  It covers the basics about the environment, what communities' rights are, and how to gather information, get community support, and make your voice heard.  The curriculum includes a lot of training games to help participants understand the concepts it teaches.  Download it here.
  • Development & Decisions: This is a roleplaying game that can be used in a training.  It takes players through the steps of creating an advocacy campaign, and tests how well they can respond to obstacles.  Download it here.
All of these materials are designed to go with BEWG's guidebook for communities, Advocating for Sustainable Development in Burma.