Accessible Alternatives

“Accessible Alternatives: Ethnic Communities’ Contribution to Social Development and Environmental Conservation in Burma” consists of case studies by the members of Burma Environmental Working Group (BEWG) and Arakan Oil Watch. The case studies describe a variety of issues related to natural resource management in different parts of Burma, but they all describe a pattern: Communities have had

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their own systems of natural resource management that supported their lives and that also ensured that the resources were not depleted. But inevitably, militarization and development projects in the area have destroyed the environment and made it impossible for the local people to continue their traditional ways of life.

In some cases, support from BEWG member organizations has helped revive the natural environment and the ways of life it supports, but in other cases, communities and people continue to struggle from the impacts of military activities and development projects. All of the case studies close with suggestions about community-based natural resource management and policy recommendations for sustainable development.

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Accessible Alternatives
Friday, 04 November 2011 16:06

Dep Hkap Lu Ai, Lata La Na Lam Ni (Accessible Alternatives)

Kachin Accessible Alternative Case Studies in Kachin Language (18M)

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